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Fountain Pen Revolution

FPR Himalaya V2-Chrome Fountain Pen -14k Gold #6 Nib


The FPR Himalaya V2-Chrome features a our #6 14k gold nibs, a twist-style converter design, and ebonite feed for superior ink flow. Available in both acrylic and ebonite the Himalaya V2 can be fully disassembled for maintenance, and it is compatible with all of our FPR #6 nibs.  (Click here for more information on custom engraving.)


  • 14k gold nib and 6.3mm ebonite feed
  • Converter filled (screw in twist-style converter included)
    • Note: Himalaya V1 and V2 converters are not interchangeable.
  • Body, cap, and section are made of matching acrylic/ebonite
  • Sturdy chrome metal clip and cap ring
  • Screw on cap
  • Note: does not accept ink cartridges

Available Colors:

  • Top row left to right: Indigo Blue, Peacock Aqua, Amethyst Purple, Candy Pink/Red, Marble Black/White
  • Bottom row left to right: Jade Smoke, Saffron Orange, Vermilion Red-Orange, Green Ebonite, Brown Ebonite
  • Pictured separately: Taj Mahal White


  • Length capped: 13.4cm (5.2”)
  • Length posted: 15.2cm (5.9”)
  • Section diameter: 1cm (0.4”)
  • Body diameter 1.2cm (0.5”)
  • Weight (empty): 16g (0.7oz)

Nib Options: 14k Extra Fine, 14k Fine, 14k Medium, 14k Flex, 14k EF Ultra Flex

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