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About Us:

Our Story

My name is Kevin Thiemann, the owner of Fountain Pen Revolution.  My interest in fountain pens began with a desire to improve my poor penmanship.  This pursuit led me to buy my very first fountain pen in the year 2009. I fell in love instantly and decided I would like to have more quality pens but was discouraged by the high price tags.  This led me on a quest for high quality low cost pens.  I was working in India at the time and, as fate would have it, discovered the world of Indian-made pens.  In addition to buying these fountain pens for myself I started to sell them to other collectors and pen enthusiasts. And thus, Fountain Pen Revolution was born.  Eventually, we began partnering with Indian fountain pen manufacturers to construct pens and nibs to our own specifications so we can offer great pens at a great price to fountain pen lovers around the world.

FPR is family owned and operated.  My kids and I still sit at the kitchen table and clean, inspect, and maintenance every pen we sell. Our passion at FPR is to provide reasonably priced quality fountain pens and to be a blessing to our community.  We invest a percentage of all profits back into the communities where our pens are made.  We believe in old-fashioned honest business practices, good family fun, and that we should give to those around us in need.  We also believe that fountain pens are not just for the rich or only for our grandparent’s generation. By offering quality products at reasonable prices with personal service we hope to spread the joy of fountain pens to a new generation of writers.  We hope you enjoy our FPR flex nib fountains and all our other low cost quality products.  Check out this short video to learn more about our story.  Join the Revolution!