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New Product Ideas

Here at FPR are always working to add new affordable products to our line up.  We recently added FPR Ink and we are working on offering a line of pens fitted with our larger #6 nibs.  We would love to hear from you about what types of products you would like to see added to the site.  Think "what types of fountain pen related products would I like to get at a more affordable price" and let us know.  We will see what we can do!

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  • Keith Diederich on

    A wider range of ebonite colors, especially BHR. Any pens, but especially ebonite pens, with. #6 nibs.

  • Dan on

    I would love to see Dollar 717i piston filler pens on the site, even though they are made in Pakistan and thus a completely different supply chain.

  • Dave G. on

    A Himalayan in blue ebonite ripple would be great!
    Your pens also work really well with PR & Bungubox inks.

  • Mark Chappel on

    I think I said almost the same thing Mr. Mark Fuller said about the Himalaya, namely that it’s been the best FPR pen I’ve ever had, much better than I had expected. I also agree that replacement converters would be nice, as I usually use it in converter mode so as to be able to try different inks more often. The line of pens with the #6 nibs will be EXTREMELY welcome, as I suggested a long time ago. Can’t wait to get some of these!!

  • Kelvin on

    May be a snap cap fountain pen for quick writing?

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