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Meet the new FPR-Ranga Madras

FPR and Ranga have teamed up to bring you the FPR-Ranga Madras.  The Madras is styled after the Ranga Splendour body and cap but in a more medium sized body.  Our new beauty comes in premium ebonite and premium striped acrylic and is fitted with FPR nib units.  It is cartridge/converter filled but could also be used as an eyedropper with some silicone grease applied the the grip section threads. Ranga is located near the Indian city of Chennai, which was formerly known as Madras, hence the name.  Stay tuned for more colors that will be added to the Madras lineup along the way.

For more specifications and photos you can check out the FPR-Ranga Madras listing here.

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