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Meet the new FPR Quickdraw and Quickdraw Flex

We are proud to introduce our first magnetic capped pen the FPR Quickdraw and Quickdraw flex.  The standard version features a plastic feed and the ability to use cartridges in addition to the included converter.  The Flex version comes with an ebonite feed to meet the extra flow needs of a flex nib.  The full metal body and cap also makes this the heaviest pen in the FPR lineup for those who like a little extra weight to their pens.


  • Length capped: 13cm (5.1”) 
  • Length posted: 15.3cm (6”) 
  • Section diameter: 1cm (0.4”) 
  • Body diameter 1.2cm (0.5”) 
  • Weight (empty): 28g (1oz) 

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