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Manually Adjusted Ultra Flex Nibs

The last few months we have been working on perfecting a manual adjustment to reduce the amount of pressure required to flex our FPR flex nibs.  This half-moon cutout from the shoulders of these nibs was inspired by various "ease my flex" experiments on  Each of these new "Ultra Flex" nibs has been manually ground and polished so as to reduce flex resistance while maintaining the integrity of the nib against tine springing.  Check them out!!!

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  • Jorge Madrigal on

    How much will they cost? Do not see a price.

  • syed rafiuddin on

    my name is syed rafiuddin, I would like to by flexi nib pen, I do not know how to pay in dollor is it possible to make payment through net banking in indian currency,
    please reply as early as possible
    syed rafiuddin

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